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There's really no rhyme or reason to my collection. Honestly I've slimmed it down a little, and I still have about 6 others for sale. But it's certain...

Helm Miyako #2249 Here!!

So I'm pretty far down the list, it sounds like about 2 years before I'll get the email. And with nothing on sale other than a black one on a Mercari...

Orion Calamity - Meteorite

I purchased this magnificent piece in November of 2023 from a friend in my RedBar MKE group. I really liked the brand and all of their watches, so I'v...

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commented on What your experience with Boldr watches?

They're pretty awesome. I have an OG Venture. Great lume!

commented on Wild Watch Wednesday! Let鈥檚 see your wild, weird, fun, funky and unique pieces

Pretty much my joke watch

commented on linxhack's WRUW

I had to send mine back, it was DOA.. but the new one is on the way now. Hoping to have mine by the end of the week!

commented on Swatch is back with 3 New MoonSwatch. Let's discuss & help me get a monster thread sticker 馃槣馃槃

Put it on the Planet Ocean strap, so much better..

commented on coolaxe's WRUW

The depth of that dial is beautiful though

commented on Dev9000's WRUW

Felt that sales joke in the cockles of my heart lol

commented on Show off your 鈥榗olour pop鈥 watches! 馃數馃敶馃煝馃煚馃煛馃煟

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Copyright infringement?? Idk, but it's red flag central..

Something just doesn't seem right about this... Is this even legal? I'm not one to drum up drama, but should Momentum Watches be aware of this? I'm a...

Hardness Treatments on Watches

I'm curious if any one has any insight on what watches have hardness treatments under $1K. I know Heron is one company that offers a hardness treatmen...

What Watch Case Size do you Prefer?

Just a general inquiry into the consensus of watch case sizes. Where do you land?
337 votes

Electric - California

Love this bargain piece 馃グ

Which one would YOU get?

I've run into the itch again, it's been since May, since I pulled the trigger on something. And both of these pieces have been living in my head rent-free. Now an additional kink in the cog, I've been...
224 votes