First watch

I guess you have to factor your first watch as the one you sought out, researched and eventually purchased. I bought several watches before I bought my first watch they mattered. From local jewelers making there own to a bulova as well as Movado. I didn’t realize what the term “Luxory” watch meant until my first Rolex. I became a ROLEXAHOLIC shortly after due to finding out what a quality watch was. Not to dis Movado or Bulova but didn’t hold a candle to the date just I bought with an acrylic not sapphire. I was uneducated to say the least. From that point I started researching the brand as well as others that either are comparable or not. This made me an addict of Rolex watches as a lot of others are just trying to copy the Rolex brand and as they say copying is the highest form of flattery. Since then I own two DateJust, blue faced sub with date and waiting for my Hulk that I should get before end of the month. I respect the people who are starting with what can be afforded as I’ve spent more then I ever thought I would and don’t regret any of it. So all that are stating with the watches that you are just enjoy the journey and be proud of your journey. T.


I’m not sure I understood everything you meant. But luxury means different things to different people. At its core, any watch is a luxury. Luxury for me is ordering dessert at a restaurant after dinner.

It’s great you like Rollies. Other people love their Movados and Bulovas just as much. I love this community cause it’s made me even more appreciative of the watches I have that I thought were uncool.