Using the Jacot Lathe to reduce and Polish an Elgin 286 4th Wheel Pivot

I got an Elgin Caliber 286, with a dial and hands, but no case. When dismantling it I found that two of the wheels were broken. I found another 286 caliber with no dial and in worse condition for cheap鈥攚hich did have all the wheels in working condition. But when installing the donated wheels, I realized that the pivot of the fourth wheel was thicker than the previous one. So much so that it did not spin freely inside the hole. So I had to use the Jacot lathe to reduce and then polish the pivot. I had to reduce it by, more or less, 40 micrometers, and now it measures the same as the pivot of the wheel being replaced. We'll have to see what new surprises still await me with this watch!