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Grand Seiko SBGF021

What an amazing little watch. Does it all well. Yes, it鈥檚 38 mm but wears a bit smaller in my opinion. Maybe it鈥檚 the thick brushed bezel. It does wea...

NH35 loosing regulation

Hello all, So I own 2 NH35 watches, this 5KX and a DressKX. The pics are from my last trip with the 5kx. I regulated both to below 3 s a day a few mon...

Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium

Hello all. I am a fan of the brand and have owned 5 Baltic鈥檚, all Aquascaphes. The current is a bronze blue gilt. One of them took a huge hit falling...

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commented on My dream IWC

Just got mine as well. Love it

commented on My Two-Watch Collection

Perfect great watches, great value! I wish I could keep myself from buying more 馃ぃ

commented on Your unintentional box collection

I have the exact same setup

commented on Grand Seiko SBGF021

There is one that don鈥檛 seem to get so much love: it鈥檚 the SBGP line. 40 mm case and 9F85 movement inside. This one tempts me a lot even though it鈥檚 more dressy that this old timer.

You can also find them new for a bargain from Japan on chrono 24. Especially the blue dial.

commented on Timegrapher- Yeah or Nay

I love it. I pair it with an app that allows me to monitor my real life deviations in long term and then adjusting accordingly

commented on Small watches? 100kg and 37mm -> That is just perfect.

38 mm GS SBGF021 with a thick bezel that gives me 36 mm feelings. I feel like it wears visually like the explorer 36 I owned. I have 6,75 in wrist. I鈥檓 now flirting with a vintage KS 37 mm.

On the other end of the spectrum I own a 41 mm Navi.

Love them both!

commented on Traska "Twofer"

Love the blue Summiteer