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Grand Seiko SBGF021

What an amazing little watch. Does it all well. Yes, it鈥檚 38 mm but wears a bit smaller in my opinion. Maybe it鈥檚 the thick brushed bezel. It does wea...

NH35 loosing regulation

Hello all, So I own 2 NH35 watches, this 5KX and a DressKX. The pics are from my last trip with the 5kx. I regulated both to below 3 s a day a few mon...

Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium

Hello all. I am a fan of the brand and have owned 5 Baltic鈥檚, all Aquascaphes. The current is a bronze blue gilt. One of them took a huge hit falling...

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commented on Pelagos 42 - too big?

Try the FXD. It wore smaller on my wrist that the normal pelagos with bracelet. To be hotter I was positively surprised. I also like 40 and below, 6 3/4 wrist.

commented on Some recent shots of the DressKX and SPB317

How is the accuracy on your dresskx? Does it deviate a lot ?

commented on Raf_Mndz's WRUW

No. I owned a blue one, got it right after launch. Sold it and regretted it a lot. So I got another one 馃ぃ

commented on Raf_Mndz's WRUW

And the other that I owned that went darker as I took it in swimming pools and the sea You can see that this one doesn鈥檛 have the shiny-ish lugs that my current one has. I particularly loved the look.

commented on Raf_Mndz's WRUW

Here you go: brand new:

commented on Raf_Mndz's WRUW

It goes even darker depending on the use and if you actually swim with it. This one has not seen any pool or sea water. It went darker on the high contact areas. I鈥檝e owned another one that went in pools and the sea. It went a bit darker that this one and more homogeneous.

Let me see if I can find pictures

commented on Less is better

I鈥檓 trying to go the same rout鈥. But it is haaaard!!!馃槗