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Fixer Upper Tag Heue 1500

I decided I wanted to try A little bit older watches and found this tag heuer heuer 1500 online to fix . I decided to dip in and try to fix it since t...

Latest pick up 80/90 tag heuer 3000

Picked up this old school tag heuer 3000 the head is clean but the bracelet is really tarnished (currently cleaning with cape cod works like a charm)...

Accidental purchase 1st watch of the year

I bought this Seiko SBTR021 by accident .. I was looking at Citizen Darth Vader but Amazon recommendation at the bottom recommended this lol..it looks...

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commented on NWA - IWC Big Pilot - Any more enthusiasts? ยท

IWC mark looks basic on picture but I had a chance trying on mark18 with leather and I kept thinking about it .. now I understand

commented on Should I replace my omega smp with a Tudor bb58? ยท

No โ€ฆ save up instead and get Tudor

commented on Itโ€™s happening ๐ŸŽ‰ ยท


commented on Everyday watch & for any occasion๐Ÿ‘€ (Under a 1000 dollars) ยท

It just works every time

commented on WHat is the Box You Want to Check in Your Next Watch? ยท

Bronze case .. but I now they are needy and need wrist time to get patina.. Iโ€™m not just ready to commit

commented on There is no such thing as an "ideal watch size" ยท

definetly try it on โ€ฆ if it wonโ€™t leave your wrist then you need to take it home .. never really listen to sizes and measurement โ€ฆ

commented on Current SOTC (mostly) ยท

Nice collection .. panda always gets my attention

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My first Hamilton

My first Hamilton first time I saw it it was comfortable fit to me.AD gave me a good deal. ย I need to take it home.. I already tried khaki field ,khak...