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Polishmadman ·

A true affordable 5 watch collection.

Ok, this is a first for me. I am so tired of "affordable" collection costing thousands or tens of thousands dollars. So here is my choices for a true...
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At an antique store

So, I saw this Seiko and I can't identify the model. Now I'm asking your help. What model is it and is it worth $295? Thanks in advance. Edit: I think...
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Finally a basic field watch.

I have been looking for a affordable field watch. It's alot harder to find when you have some very specific requirements. I wanted 100m wr, over 40mm...
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Polishmadman commented on Pocket Rocket Refurb ·

That came out beautifully. I wish I could find an old watch like that. I see too many "I know what I have"'s for sale.

Polishmadman commented on Home made 3D PLA ·

How hard was it to get the measurements right? Did you have to do some trimming?

Polishmadman commented on Watches and OCD ·

I have an obsession with being on time and timing. If I have an appointment somewhere, I will GPS it to see how long it takes to get there. Sometimes, if the appointment is far enough out, I'll even drive the route to see how long it takes me. From there, I know how long it takes to get ready. Then I set an alarm for when I need to start.

Example: I just started a new job. When I got the call for an interview, it just so happened, I was driving to a store that past the interview site. So I timed the drive to it: 25 min. So I left 30 mins prior. Now I have the job and I wake up 2 hours before. Take a shower, feed and walk the dogs, and prep for work. Then I leave by 7:30 to be there by 8.

Because I check my timing so much, I always have a watch on. Maybe because of my issue, liking the watch I wear makes sense.

Polishmadman commented on Timex Appreciation ·

Is it neo vintage if the watch is like 20+ years old? 🤣

Polishmadman commented on Timex Appreciation ·

Here you go.

Polishmadman commented on What’s going to be your next watch and why ·

The Bertucci E-1 ballista. Saw it at a local shop. Now I'm kinda obsessed with it.

Polishmadman commented on Hello, my name is Hector and I am a Casio addict... ·

It's the wv200a waveceptor. I've probably have had it for at least 15 years now. It is radio controlled time. Now it's called multi ban 6. Even after all these years, I think it still looks good.

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Polishmadman ·

Sucker for a budget find.

I am a sucker for a budget watch. I found the ae 1500wh while scrolling Amazon. Let me tell you I really have a love/hate relationship with that app....
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Polishmadman ·

Another Casio

So, I went to the navy exchange and found this guy. There was also 3 other Duro's I don't have, a w-218, a wd-5600.
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Polishmadman ·

What's your SHTF watch?

I'm no prepper, but if things happen. And I need to get out of Dodge. I'm falling back and I'll be wearing my GA-110. This doesn't have to be WW3. I'm...
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