MoonSwatch Strap

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I liked the OG nylon straps on all my moonswatches. Not sure why they got so much hate!


I am wearing mine today on the original strap but I love swapping straps on it. I wear it rarely, once a month at the most, but I swap between a color coordinated NATO, a Bund, a brown leather strap, or the OEM Velcro. I鈥檝e considered getting the rubber straps Perpetual Straps have on offer I just don鈥檛 wear it enough to buy special straps for it.

Velcro all the way! True homage to the Apollo astronauts and surprisingly comfy!

Haveston makes a good version.

My personal fav Velcro strap is Uncle Seiko's version. Be aware they are a bit thick.

On my Mission to the Moon I kept it OG strap鈥 my Uranus one I have a white and light blue straps for it.

I have my Mercury on a sailcloth stap.

Marine Nationale

Nylon NATO makes it look like a real tool watch, which it鈥檚 modeled after anyway.

Mine has all gone straight onto rubber straps. Whilst I like the originals, I don't like the extra bulk of the double layer where the velcro attaches.