AnOrdain New Dial Finish

I don’t know if it’s truly a new technique in terms of watchmaking, but interesting nonetheless. Probably carries a hefty financial premium though. AnOrdain rising prices + Hodinkee collaboration + possible innovation = I could probably get an Omega/Panerai/Cartier/etc at retail.

Edit: Good thing I’m not a journalist. Before I posted this the watch was already for sale, and I was correct.. $6000. That’s something I would buy if I already had some big (relative to me) pieces I want in the future like a Cartier Santos, Rolex Yachtmaster, Panerai, etc., and I’d have to be rich lol. Just doesn’t seem worth the price to me. I felt the same way about the CWard Bel Canto. Cool, but that price for that brand, ouch. Yes you can tell me in the comments that I’m a brand snob, but most people are in some way or another whether it’s food, clothes, watches, cars, etc.


Really not surprised giving who the are collaborating with and what their watches sell for on the secondary market. Glad to see them getting the recognition they deserve, but sad they have grown out of reach for many.