Aluminum Bezel Fading

Am I weird for trying to purposely fade my aluminum bezel Timex GMT by leaving it in sunlight?馃槄 I love the look of faded Pepsi bezels.
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  1. Don鈥檛 worry guys I won鈥檛 be offended馃槀 But LOOK AT THIS

I like a slightly faded looking bezel. But I鈥檇 probably try to find a more controlled way to get the same effect without subjecting the whole watch to prolonged high energy ultraviolet radiation that could weaken or damage other materials.

I don't see it as any weirder than trying to patina bronze, and that's definitely a thing. 馃憤

The more faded it is the better 馃槑


You'll take years to fade it in the sun...if you're genuinely after that look, use bleach. It's the only way to get the results you're after quickly.

This pic is of my beloved SPB151. It's a simple process, I removed the insert from the bezel using acetone ( pop bezel off first, obviously) then soaked it in neat bathroom bleach for 10 minutes....

It looked brilliant, exactly what I wanted. Like a fool I applied the "more is better" mentality and gave it another 5 mins 馃槺 and the results you see are too much IMHO.

And irreversible!

And the watch is too new to be able to find a replacement insert (any readers help appreciated!)

So, it's an easy process, but don't go too far.

Good luck 馃憤

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