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Do you long for a watch that does not exist?

Yesterday Frederico from โ€˜Frederico talks watchesโ€™ accidentally described a 2016 Sinn 556 Limited Edition with rhodium dial has having tegimented stee...
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PierreJean commented on 3 Watch Collection - Needs Completion ยท

The new 39mm Tudor pelagos in titanium.

PierreJean commented on Father to daughter watch .. ยท

Women do prefer quartz. Pbl with automatic is they may not like the liabilities that come with it

PierreJean commented on New here ยท

Yes OEM is not bad at all

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Gorgeous watchโ€ฆ funny thing, I bought the BB silver thinking I would also enjoy watching the patina develop but instead I have kept it stored in this silver cloth and regularly wipe it to keep it as โ€˜whiteโ€™ as possible

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And the watch you are wearing isโ€ฆ