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7.50” / 19.05 cm Wrist
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Friends

Contrary to the word on the street, I must’ve been a good boy this year as Santa brought me a new timepiece! Not quite good enough for the Black Bay I...

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commented on Longines Beauty ·

I don’t own either, but what I wouldn’t give for the one on the left…

commented on Hello world! ·

Another West Aussie, alright! Welcome! Beautiful watch!

commented on 1999 Urban Jürgensen Reference 8 ·

That watch is an absolute stunner! I’ve not seen that one before. Just my style!

commented on She said Yes! ·

..and for something completely different, congratulations!! I wish you both and long and very happy life together.

commented on New Birthday Watch! ·

Ditto! I’ve been in love with that watch for years,

commented on The Rochefoucauld ·

You win! 😁👍

commented on The Rochefoucauld ·

I don’t have the clip, but I like Thomas Crown’s JLC..


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Anniversary Blues

First post, here goes…. Celebrating 29 years with the Mrs (a.k.a. the War Office) today. Took the day off and had lunch on the banks of the Swan River...