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OscarKlosoff ·

Hitler wore a Reverso?

I can't believe nobody is talking about the auctioning of Hitler's wrist watch. https://www.fox5dc.com/news/hitler-watch-sold-alexander-historical-auc...
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OscarKlosoff ·

Vintage 1920's Women's Ribbon Watch Band - WTF? Need Help

I got granny's watch repaired and the dial and case really cleaned up well. Now there is the problem of getting it on a wrist. It was found with this...
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OscarKlosoff ·

The Crystal Signal Mirror

One of the great early joys of wearing a wrist watch is the discovery that you can use the crystal to reflect light into people's faces. Have you done this and do you still do it?
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OscarKlosoff commented on Local news: Stay safe Crunchers ·

Speculation in other cases was that restaurant waitstaff were on the lookout and would e-notify their compatriots. As you state, it's hard to positively identify a brand marking from less than a foot or two.

OscarKlosoff commented on Thrift store pick up.... ·

Radial polish on a c-case and a date to boot! Please send expansion bands to me at PO Box 9000, Los Angeles, CA 90212.

OscarKlosoff commented on Which Watch Will You Take to the Grave? ·

I would advise against wearing the Core Seven Sins watch when planning to meet St. Peter at the gates.

OscarKlosoff commented on Casio's budget one watch collection suggestion? ·

If you can find a Duro with a white dial, get it. But fat chance, so try a MWR-200?

And kudos on choosing the best dial color.

OscarKlosoff commented on I bought this Hermes watch for £8 on ebay, I don't think the watch has any connection with the famous French luxury brand . I was going to polywatch the crystal then sell it but my wife loves it and has stolen it. ·

It doesn't even have an exotic strap! Yet.

That is the case shape of my Pobeda/ZIm, less the octagon. Does that have a name? What is that shape about?

OscarKlosoff commented on How much taper do you prefer on your watch straps? ·

2-4mm. I didn't know it eclipsed this, but I prefer starting at 18mm and am not into wider belts.

OscarKlosoff commented on Casio's budget one watch collection suggestion? ·

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OscarKlosoff ·

Why is Saturday Blue and Sunday Red for Seiko?

On many if not all Seiko day/date watches, weekend days display with colored lettering while weekdays are black. As the thread title states, Saturday...
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OscarKlosoff ·

What's the appeal of hornback alligator bands? And most exotic hides in general...

This may be one of those things I'm too poor/declasse to get. So a while back I was in a more frou frou watch place, and for the first time in my life...
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OscarKlosoff ·

Gluing That Loose Keeper

Am I the only one that hates wandering watch band keepers so much that they take measures to fix them in the desired place? I used to try stitching, b...
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OscarKlosoff ·

Bent Lug

Just a day or two ago I was asking why long lugs are so rare and I got the answer about breaking. This morning I was having problems getting a spring...
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OscarKlosoff ·

Expansion Bands and Why They Are Pariahs

I received two vintage watches this weekend that belonged to my grandfather or one of his brothers. Both were on metal expansion bands, you know the s...
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OscarKlosoff ·

Private Label Jeweler Watches

I was recently given a few family watches that had been unearthed from decades of slumber. One had an unfamiliar name on the dial that a little googli...
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