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Martin Luther King, Jr. Wore a Rolex

Yellow gold Datejust 1601. Oh have a link. https://blog.watchdoctor.biz/2018/04/09/rolex-worn-by-martin-luther-king/
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The Weird Language of Watch Nerds

I wrote an article about this a while back for www.thetruthaboutwatches.com that was deemed unpublishable but, as you may know, the watch community ha...
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Have you ever had to use a service guarantee?

So basically any watch service includes a couple year guarantee. Have you ever needed to use this?
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OscarKlosoff commented on Lucerne Digital Jump Hour review ·

This type of display is for young eyes, so you are unwittingly doing it right.

I immediately went looking for one of those expansion bands and here's a listing for one with a busted link that makes it look like possibly the way to remove a link is to extend then angle the link so the pin part clears?

here's the most relevant photo in case someone else has a better understanding


And you're totally right about the bracelet alone being worth the $20. Be glad the crystal is acrylic and not mineral glass. Good luck replacing it should the time come. Polish the plastic.

OscarKlosoff commented on milestone watch ·

Nope, there are other things for which I use the excuse.

OscarKlosoff commented on My Affordable Collection Complete! ·

Excellent, and kudos to most commenters for not encouraging the beginning of the unaffordable collection.

OscarKlosoff commented on Greetings from South Africa ·

Very nice. I don't think I've seen one, an image of one, that wasn't a Mumbai Special frankenwatch or at least reasonably dilapidated.

OscarKlosoff commented on Greetings from South Africa ·

So is that image a watch of yours or just proof of fine taste?

OscarKlosoff commented on Would you rather buy one really nice watch or have a few less expensive watches? ·

This is a perennial topic that I think I've previously avoided. I don't have an answer.

Would I want one pricey watch that I had to wear all the time, meaning mainly when it was unsuitable? Nope.

Would I take the single leading man watch over some runners-up if I got to have a daily beater or two as well? I'd say yes, but (surely there is a name for this) I fear I'd become accustomed to the luxo-object such that it was my new standard, and of course I'd want more like it. Why submit myself to that?

OscarKlosoff commented on sotc ·

I am amused how this seems stark and minimalist by our standards, but probably excessive and frivolous to the average person.

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Should Luxury Brands Make Affordable Models?

This started as reply to the following post by @erikswrist I don't know if this would in fact be an unpopular opinion, but I think that "luxury" brand...
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Do You Know an Apple Watch Wearer?

I'm just trying to see if there is anyone outside the one degree of separation here. Coworker right next to me wears an iWatch. Can you name an acquaintance that wears an Apple Watch? Don't actually n...
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On the Dearth of Woman's Vintage Watch Collectability

There is a sizable number of men here with ample collections of men's wrist watches from, say, before 1960. On the whole, there is no great shortage o...
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Patron Saint of Watch Makers, Feast Day Today, December 1st

Eligius of Noyon is the patron saint of clock and watchmakers. He was a skilled metal smith, so presumably that is why. His feast day is today, Decemb...
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Arm Hair December and a Worthless Poll

It has come to my attention that some members are manscaping their forearms. We can tell. It looks weird and prickly. We just ended No-Shave November, not that I participated, which is for a cause. Fo...
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What is the ugliest complication?

I think a moon phase may be the only complication that actually enhances the appearance of a watch. Even complications that I like, say day and date,...
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White Stripes in NATO Straps

I was looking at a certain merch store and I noticed that a lot of the striped NATO bands had prominent white stripes. In fact I have one such items f...
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