The last on the List…

Two years ago, I had almost 30 watches.

A sort of random collection of Mechanical and Quartz watches, gifted and aquired without thinking much about it since my youth.

When confronted by my dear wife for having so many watches I decided to cut down on my collection.

The rule would be to keep the watches that met the criteria I value most:

1. The underdog watch, a value watch that is affordable but has specs that give more expensive ones a ride for their money

2. A proven, resistant well built watch from a respected brand

3. At least, 100M WR

4. If available, it must be as autonomous of a unit possible (example: automatic movements, solar powered movements, multiband watches)

5. Watches that fit my lifestyle

By following this formula I sold more than half of my collection and some of the pieces that didnt meet the criteria but had sentimental value were passed on to my wife who also loves watches.

I then created a List of watches to aquire with some of the money I got.

This way I intended to diversify and consolidate my collection, merging my old watches with some current market options that can make my collection come full circle.

I am now about to buy the last piece on the list.

The Casio Pro Trek PRW-6900


The last on the List…

Will it be my last purchase? Lol! Probably not! But I intend to lay low as much as possible from now on.

I am taking my time and would love to hear from PRW owner Crunchers about this watch.


Have a great day, and thank you for reading about my watch collecting ramblings! Lol!


This one has been on my radar since it dropped in Japan. Saw the ad while in Guam.

Very aero meets outdoor. Love seeing the Protrek line getting some of the tough solar and carbon reinforcement from the G Shock line.

Currently pushing some in our supply section to purchase a few commercial off the shelf, in lieu of a Garmin/SUUNTO, G Shock, etc.

I prefer the Protreks to the G Shocks. If I'm wearing a large digital, solar watch, I want it to do more than just tell time. Also footprint size, I find the Protreks to fit a tad bit better under cuffs. (Not dress cuffs mind you, Cryes/Dickies/coats/etc)


I've grown found of the Pro Trek line. Mostly because I met a guy who was in the special forces who used one and I gotta admit he was a pretty rad dude.