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Should I?

I'm very fond of Roman Numerals on any time piece for it truly resembles a pocket watch from the Victorian era. To scratch that itch, I have purchased...

JDM Seiko tank Ref. 6G28-00A0

Seiko 6G28-00A0. The only quartz watch I have aside from my G-Shocks. I gave the other variant with the white dial and gold accents to my wife that wa...

Seiko World Time Sweeping and Blinking Airplane Second Hand.

Perhaps my self proclaimed Christmas present to myself. I have been on the lookout for this time piece for a while now. I had bought the model that TG...

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commented on A tribute to Seiko watches Β·

Stunning pieces, the Seiko 5 is the SNKK87

commented on Non_Typikal_1's WRUW Β·

And we just lost. What a bummer!

commented on Should I? Β·

They do have that attractive charm, I for one got indulged on the Roman numerals and beautiful dial layout. It's just a tad bit on the bigger side for a dress watch, but then again, my Citizens are of the same size and so is that Seiko I have on the photo.

commented on Should I? Β·

I have seen these brands and they're ok in my opinion based off my taste on design language. However, I believe I have found a brand called Escapement Time that suits my personal taste best and it also dons a Seiko movement (VH31 meca-quartz). I'm definitely putting that on the cart alongside the I&W for it somehow has that King Seiko look and that right there is a winner for me.

commented on Should I? Β·

Thank you for the insightful and detailed rundown of Ali Express. I have never bought watches from them neither anything non Japanese watches. I'm beginning to get real curious on these brands as they have been garnering attention from some and I must admit, some of them are definitely lookers! I'll research more on the specs of the watch and also explore more, but a dress GMT for this low price is rare.

commented on tonistarch's WRUW Β·

I really don't mind quartz unless they're the cheap ones from department stores. If only I had funds for that Alpinist especially the newly released GMT version and also if my wife won't say anything πŸ˜‚. Beautiful watch you got there !

commented on 2nd Manila Meetup: Which Sunday afternoon is best for you? Β·

If all goes well according to plan and budget πŸ˜‚, I sure would love to meet and conversate about horology and some other things all day!

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It's finally here!

I have never been so keen and impulsive on purchasing a watch. Since it's introduction, I have been eyeing this time piece on every known watch site f...

Seiko World Time Sweeping Mantle Clock

I know it isn't a watch, but it's still a time piece and who can say no to a beautiful sweep with an airplane as the seconds hand? Bought it for $50 o...

Back on Watchcrunch, been a long time...

I don't remember how long ago I've visited the site. It's been a long time for sure! But, I'm back for the '23 with the beloved SNKL23 with a new Shar...

Thoughts on Orient?

I'm into watches and I'm the kind who likes to actually wear them for the way it looks and works, not to flash it as a status symbol. This is why I on...

My first experience with a mechanical (or hybrid) watch. Seiko Kinetic SKA366

Around eleven years ago, I ended up purchasing a mechanical watch, albeit not an automatic one, but a hybrid. This was when I had a basic G-Shock G290...

SNXS79J1 on replacement bracelet.

During my last post, this watch was undergoing a bracelet replacement and it's finally finished. To some, this may be irrelevant or could care less du...