Have you ever re bought a watch

I sold this to a friend 2 years ago and was jealous every time I saw it , so bought it again


@Ichibunz 馃憖

Yes. I used try and keep my collection small for whatever reason, so I tried to limit it by continuously getting rid of watches. Then I realized that's dumb and bought the same watches that I missed. I very much like to live by the mantra "1 step forward 2 steps back".

Yes, gifted an Aqua Terra quartz to my Dad, bought it back from him a few months later 馃槄

My most recent buy back:


I rebought a Seiko Orange Monster cause I truly missed it and its divisiveness.

Why did you sell it to your friend?

I sold a white dial 80s Breitling Chronomat with a brushed bullet bracelet to a friend for a dollar more than I paid for it, 40 years later continue to try catching that magical feeling of a first but doomed to failure. I have lost track of the number of Breitling watches that I have purchased since.

Stupidly, yes, more than once. Thankfully I've only done this once per model!


Why did you sell it to your friend?

I had a new addition and he was was constantly asking , it wasn鈥檛 getting much wrist time

I sold my no date version to a friend as well. But didn鈥檛 feel as much remorse as the lugs for this watch are really too long for my wrists.