Bucherer: Swiss Classic or Fashion Brand Tragic?

The “John Wick Watch Brand” that may have low key stolen the silver screen spotlight from Hamilton in a movie for once. What are your opinions on Bucherer as a brand? Personally I have a connection to them beyond “John Wick cool therefore Bucherer cool” and love some of their ‘70’s designs as well as their current Manero line.


The watch in the movie is good looking. There are others I would rather have.


Bucherer is seriously important in the watch business and has been producing quality Swiss watches for a very long time. I find them to be a bit overpriced for what you get, however, you don't see shedloads of them on the secondary market.

My favorite is the Heritage BiCompax Annual Calendar Chronograph. I was able to pick up this limited edition based on the color of the Bucherer family car...I know I paid too much buying it at full retail, but the color is amazing...unique blue color...


Bucherer is fantastic. It can be garish and perhaps a bit big but there's real horology in it and their sports watches are built like tanks.

Their only real sin is that they aren't particularly well marketed.


Interestingly, Bucherer has some presence on AliExpress. There is the "Carl f Bucherer Watches Store" which has Bucherer-branded watches ranging pricewise between £22.29 and £156624.43. And it's not the only such store, there are a couple of others, though those do not go quite as far with their high-end piece.

My best guess is that these are all fakes. Nobody in their right mind (but there are gullible idiots out there) would spend thousands of dollars on a Bucherer watch from Ali. They are just there as decoration to sell all those other fakes below £30.

BTW that £156624.43 watch is limited to 88 pieces worldwide, according to the product description. However, AliExpress claims that 8888 pieces are still available.

I had never heard of the brand before seeing these dodgy listings on Ali.