Armitron Audio Computer.

It has a very short 1-time melody alarm, a daily beep alarm, countdown timer, stopwatch, and a very nice bright micro-light... all packed behind a very generous sized screen but my favorite thing, besides the watch screen details generally are the really classic and very bold digits! Black and orange on a classic golden 80's digital, what else could I ask for? If I didn't own one I don't know if I could ever find any proof that this model ever even existed, I have never seen another and couldn't find any info online anywhere... not even from Armitron.

Anyone else ever heard of it?


Can't say I've seen one before. Have you done a Google image search?

I tried that, searching the model name, old Armitron catalogs... I emailed Armitron about it and they never replied either.

Thos is a very cool watch and has some myrery to it! Very intriguing.