My First Mechanical Watch - A Beautyfull 70s Junghans

In the summer of 2019 I had a bike accident in wich I broke my first watch. A cheap quartz watch wich I still really love. But the accident lead me to buy this 36mm stunner from the 70s and my ongoing love affair with watches. I since gave it to a good friend. But the beautyfull silver dial with the golden numerals will never leave my head. Sadly I never found any information about the model. It had an automatic ETA movement inside. Maybe somebody in the community knows more?

Note that the Junghans Star in that period had only 6 points not 8 like today. That really fascinated me.

I'm no vintage expert I'm afraid, but just wanted to say how lovely that watch is and that I had no idea about the Junghans star changing, so I've learned something new 馃憤