Vacation with my brother

What a whirlwind adventure it has been! My brother flew in all the way from Austin to Munich, and together, we embarked on an unexpected journey. Due to the floods in Bavaria, we detoured straight to Vienna, where I snagged a rare DW-5600cs. I got creative with a case mod, yet kept all the original parts intact for this no-longer-produced G-Shock. Our path then led us through the quaint streets of Bratislava and to Prague, where I stumbled upon a vintage Kauahguyckue Russian Military watch.

Back in the serene Bavarian mountains, we spent our days meandering through the alpine landscapes and exploring Munichโ€™s vibrant city life. The highlight? Gifting my brother a watch I personally crafted, along with three others that perfectly suited his robust 8-inch wrist. From the edge of what I could wear to the perfect match for him, these timepieces were more than accessories; they were tokens of our timeless bond.

Love you brother โค๏ธ


That sounds like a pretty cool vacation. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Europe and Germany in particular! Also some very cool watches you discovered throughout the trip.


I am very very glad to know about it โ˜บ๏ธ i also have a brother ๐Ÿ˜