Pre-Promster Promaster correction

A few weeks ago I posted about getting Grampas old citizen Promaster Windsurfer. Now Windsurfer is 1 of the names given to the watch by enthusiast, as is WindTimer and Wavetimer and this is pre Promaster . This is the Sporte Wind Jack and was sold as a Yacht racing timer, hence the large seconds indicator. The stock rubber strap had a mph to knots printed on the down strap. I found an old aftermarket rubber with the correct printing at a crazy price but i had to do it. Should be here in a few weeks. Have it on a generic quick release cloth and I must say, I'm diggin it!! Crazy old G-Papa would approve even though the strap doesn't have sterling silver or Blue and Red turquoise.



Like a stopwatch on a strap! Enjoy!