Sinn U50 on the stock bracelet for day 5 of Strapalooza. After 4 days of rotating different natos, it鈥檚 nice to have the h-link bracelet back on. While the bracelet and clasp are dated, they are also comfy, solid, and I like the compact size of the clasp. I may give the Sinn a little break after today but I could wear this one all month. Happy Thursday!

Previous Days:

(1) Sept. 10 - 馃寛 Nato on Sinn U50 (2) Sept. 11 - Olive Nato on Sinn U50 (3) Sept. 12 - OEM Nato on Scurfa M.S.21 (4) Sept. 13 - Charcoal Nato on Sinn U50