Citizen Automatic Watches

Maybe it's because they aren't as popular and are virtually impossible to buy from an AD in my country but I just love Citizen Automatic Watches. Their designs are a bit more conservative than their Seiko brethren and they definately need to step up their specs, especially on their crystals. Like, who uses mineral glass anymore??? 

And some lines like the Parameter have such an interesting narrative behind them. Maybe it's because the dominant watch style in the community is dive watches and they don't really focus on dive watches. In any event I would love to hear other people's thoughts on Citizen watches and why you love or dislike them? 


I think they're going to make a big resurgence amongst the enthusiast community in short order.  They own La Joux-Perret, and they've been introducing some amazing watches with their introduction of the Caliber 0200.

I really hope they make lots of headway.  Would be awesome to have another really compelling Japanese brand forcing innovation in the market.


Citizen let auto's die out because Eco-Drive sells better than auto. 

They have decided to get serious about autos again with the Series 8, and some others, but Eco-Drive will pretty much always be their focus now. 


I have an old Eagle 7 from the late 70's or early 80's and I'd love to get it back in shape but it'd probably cost me about 100 dollars to get it in shape (for a 35$ watch), so it is deep down on my watch priorites list (surprise it uses an 8000 series movement)