So it is 5 seconds off. Am I weird?

I put on my Aqua Terra today and realized it is 5 seconds fast. I immediately sat down and hacked the watch for time to catch up with me. Am I weird or do others need to ensure it is as accurate as possible?


Regulate it....

Open it up...

Just a lil adjustment...

Do it....

That's something I don't worry about at all. We are all a bit weird.

If you are worried for 5 seconds/day, quartz is your answer

If wearing for some time I adjust once a week

The solution is to buy more watches so each one stops before you wear it again.

If it's a watch that's capable of high accuracy with very little deviation throughout the day then I'll take the time to set it to the atomic clock. With some watches in my collection however (like those that don't even hack), I'll settle for them being accurate to within a minute of local time.

Your post made me check my Explorer 2 and it is 25 seconds behind. Within my tolerance so I don鈥檛 bother with screw down crown馃榿

Nope , retired鈥. Watches are just an abstraction now :)

When was the last time you wore it, OP? If it was several days ago, then +5 seconds is fantastic time keeping but mechanical watches are not for you. Get yourself a Spring Drive or a Citizen HAQ.

I set any watch I put on to the second automatically.

Dude, relax man. If my watch is not off by a full minute I don't screw with it. I don't look at seconds unless I'm setting it after taking it out of a watch box. And if a watch is off by one minute it's God's way of telling you - time to switch it up. That's why you own 10 watches.

I鈥檝e sent mine in for service twice, but mine was losing time. It now gains 2.5 seconds a day which makes me incredibly happy 馃檪. I don鈥檛 reset the time until it鈥檚 a full minute ahead.

According to the general theory of relativity, this means that you are driving too slowly. Add a few mph in your morning commute and you should be fine.

Nope, that鈥檚 just what normal(fanatic) watch enthusiasts do

Wow, imagine what folks did in the old days to sync their watches where there was no electronic standard of exact time. Just pondering.

I think my younger self (pre iPhone?) may have cared about watch accuracy, but my current self does not.

God forbid you are 5 seconds early for your next appointment 馃槀 could you imagine the embarrassment?!

High accuracy quartz is where it鈥檚 at.

The irony of spending several minutes to get back 5 seconds

Yep Weird. But otoh you (like pretty much everyone else here) paid 1000s of bucks for a mechanical timekeeper that's inferior to a 15 dollar Casio. So we're all weird.

Nah. I'm very much the same. I've owned a few high accuracy quartz and they don't hit the spot. Your best bet would be a spring drive IMO. if accuracy was your top concern.

Omega accurate 馃憣馃徏

Get yourself a wave ceptor.

How long did it take to run 5 seconds fast? A day? A week? More?


Until the battery dies. 馃槈


"The... Current... Time... Will be 9. Twenty. One. At the third beep.




Ah, those were the days! 馃槀

It is a pain. Unless a watch is automatic, manual or solar, I tend to avoid quartz. Unless the watch is special, like a great design or has an easy to change battery (like a Swatch), quartz is down the bottom of my list for "engines".

But everybody is different.

BTW, do not think servicing is any better for a quartz watch than an automatic. I had to send my Brietling Colt, it's quartz, off for servicing with Brietling over three months ago and still no word. Expected for mechanicals, not quartz.


"The... Current... Time... Will be 9. Twenty. One. At the third beep.




Haha. In the 80's, I remember Mom used to tell me to call 818-853-1212 (Los Angeles area) for the time. I called it so many times that I remembered the phone number and the message.

"At the tone, the time is ....".


The irony of spending several minutes to get back 5 seconds

In some cases you can miss right time and spend a lot more fixing consequences. Tradeoffs are every where