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Grand Seiko Spring Drive suggestion?!

So ever since I impulse-sold my previous and to date only Grand Seiko (after I got angry at their customer service and service quality but that's a di...
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Shipping watches - Did you know it?

So I recently found out that in many instances, at least here in the UK, shipping services like ParcelForce or UPS exclude watches from their compensa...
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Why are so many AD experiences bad (not just Rolex)?

So today I walked into a shop that sells Tudor because I had never seen the silver BB58 up close before so I asked to check it out. So the guy walks o...
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MegaBob commented on Watches in the Wild (Watching Watches on Holiday, Volume 13)

Such great watches again!

The gentleman sitting next to me on the train today was wearing this


which I actually quite like. In fact, I'm sure that I only recognised it because I had it on my wrist yesterday (white not silver though) 馃槃 during my off day in Munich


That yellow Breitling is awesome, I'd totally wear that if it wasn't for the size. I have wanted a yellow watch for ages... 聽聽

MegaBob commented on I Did The Unthinkable 馃槀馃

Haha, I've seen a few in person worn by non-watch people a few years ago. They never struck me as good watches but the owners liked them purely for the looks and even though they had the cheapest quartz movement in existence, the watches still keep reasonably good time... better than most mechanicals to be fair.

I think the premium is for convenience. One can probably find a better watch for the money that looks the same without the DW logo but that requires time and time=money. If one buys a watch every 5 or 10 years... does it make sense to do the "research". I don't think so, in that scenario I'd rather pay the premium once a decade.

MegaBob commented on I Did The Unthinkable 馃槀馃

in my experience Daniel Wellington isn't that bad 馃檮

MegaBob commented on When you get a massive scratch on your watch, what do you do?

I didn't think you you would want to profit on an AT. You don't strike me as that sort of YouTuber.

What I was trying to get at is the argument about how the desire for good condition is used as something that would imply (?) that collectors like watches to look pristine. Because that isn't the case. The "romantic" relationships are, in my opinion, formed with watches that are untouched, not pristine looking ... which is what led to all the controversy about laser welding and re-cutting vintage watches into NOS type of deals.聽

If you ask me that whole condition mambo jumbo is also overpriced and overrated for rarity's sake. Personally I prefer watche that are honestly but also responsibly worn. They are cheaper and look more consistent, they might be more common but to me it looks better. More often than not, a vintage watch with corroded dial and hands feels/looks odd if the case is mint... but that's me 馃槈

Maybe that's also why it bothered you, such a deep scratch looks "wrong" on a watch with virtually no marks but if it had a decade od regular wear marks it would "blend in" better... just speculating聽

MegaBob commented on WATER RESISTANCE false advertising?

dynamic pressure is sooooooooooooooo small though

In order to generate around 5bar of dynamic pressure you need to move at around 100km/h. I doubt there are many living things that can move this fast under water.

MegaBob commented on WATER RESISTANCE false advertising?

Dynamic pressure is irrelevant unless you are surfing on an actual torpedo. Waves are far too slow to matter. I know it doesn鈥檛 feel like that but it is physics 馃槃

MegaBob commented on WATER RESISTANCE false advertising?

As watch enthusiasts, we've just come to accept that WR is to be severely discounted from stated by the manufacturer.

Why do you think that? Pressure is pressure, pretty simple physics. I think watch buyers, not manufacturers, are the issue here.

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