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How to build a 4 watch collection for $2000

Call this one the looming recession special 馃槄. Last time I made a similar video at the $10k mark, people asked for a lower price point. Well I accepte...
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Are you a box-checker?

If so, I think you'll wanna look at this Sinn. It hits all the marks for me and can be had at a very reasonable price. Can you think of a watch that c...
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Most Useful Complication For Modern Life

Does anyone actually use these complications? Let me know what actually helps you through the day besides being a fidget spinner 馃槀
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Canadians are Nice 馃嚚馃嚘

Epic meetup with the BC crew. Couldn't have hoped for a better time, the crunch is strong up north 馃挭. See y'all again very soon...
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Vancouver BC Meetup (new location)

*Beware: we've changed the location due to size of party. Calling my BC watchfam, I'm headed up to your beautiful city in a few days, Let's get the crew together for a meetup! Please RSVP here quickly...
Jan 7
Vancouver, BC, CA
Sat, January 7 路 4:00 PM PST
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I asked chatGPT your watch questions

Here's it is... Your questions for chatGPT. Should we be: Impressed 馃憦 Relived 馃槄 Scared 馃槺
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Watch Questions: chatGPT

I'm putting together a video where I ask chatGPT (a powerful machine learning natural language model) questions about watches. I've come up with a lis...
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These are my favorite watches at each price point from 250 to 7k. What do you think? Any alternates you suggest? Merry Xmas, hope y'all are having a g...
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The Murph 38 has competition

I love the movie but is this watch as good? Well I spent a week with it and my thoughts are complicated (as usual). As this is a budget conscious crow...
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50K Giveaway 馃巺

When I started filming watches and talking about them on YouTube 3 years ago, it was just because my GF at the time for tired of hearing my hour long...
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