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Living and loving watches since the nineties. Editor and photographer at www.fratello.com. Mainly living in The Hague, Netherlands.


New here! Looking forward to seeing everyone鈥檚 pieces and learning from each other 馃馃徏

We are on the same journey! Lots to learn and there seems to be a lot of interesting content here!

Fala galera, diretamente do Brazil para o universo do WatchCranch, espero aprender muito com esse ambiente incr铆vel.
Come莽ando nesse meio de colecionar rel贸gios, muito para aprender, mas entusiasmado em consumir o conte煤do por aqui.

馃檪Hi every one as a watch seller what will be the most suggest brand to buy for all of you 馃槉,and how to find out the most trending brands馃...can you please help me out....馃檮

New here! Looking forward to seeing everyone鈥檚 pieces and learning from each other 馃馃徏

Hi to all watch nerd community!

Hello everyone! I am new to this exciting and rich world of horology!聽

Became interested by watching reviews and unboxing videos on youtube. I am excited to begin my journey as a watch collector, and hobbyist. I am currently on the lookout for that first magical piece.

My favorite 6 reasonably priced watches so far:

1. Longines - Heritage Classic
2. Junghans - Maxbill Automatic
3. Farer - Elvington II
4. Merci - Original Quartz Black
5. Stauer - 1930 Dashtronic
6. Hamilton - Khaki Field Titanium 2022

In no particular order, I will be attempting to collect and treasure all 6, if you're interested in the qualities of these watches let's be friends!

Hi everyone, Dave here. Escape from IG, looked rather mature here feature wise, hoping to leave IG forever but maintain the community connections.聽

I'm Jason, (tunokies on Instagram) from Bristol 馃嚞馃嚙

Here because some people are leaving Instagram and I wanted to check out Watch crunch.

I've been on many platforms over the years including watchuseek/TZ-UK UK/wristsushi/SCWF and some FB groups.

It started with Seiko but I love all watches, vintage, new, unaffordable ones, quartz, complicated watches, clocks, affordable ones.

I'm the co-founder of a free watch-meet group in Bristol.

Hello,although I have been interested in horology for a long time, I only recently started collecting watches. I am looking forward to all the new interesting things that I will learn here.

Hi all!聽

My name is Brendan and I'm a newbie. Hope I can learn from you guys and get some hints and tips.

Thank you for having me. Looking forward to seeing great watches and good conversations聽

Hello everyone, I鈥檓 excited to join this forum and see some great watches!聽

Hello everyone enjoy all the collection聽

Hi guys, here to learn and contribute my 2 cents!