Mission Impossible Watch

So today is my first day wearing the classic design and I have to say that this watch feels much better than I expected. Many reviews complain about the band/strap, others for the weird case, but I am really enjoying the unique design, tough look, and overall feel of the Watch! I haven鈥檛 been this pleased since my Casio Duro.

I like this watch a lot, but for me the shape is too weird, but, never seen it in the flesh. After looking at your gallery Tom I will 100% take your word for it.

Although mine been sitting for ages now imo it鈥檚 a great watch been had it for years and still like it. This is an old photo I had of it I really need to dust it off and give some well deserved wrist time, great post!


Undoubtedly one of my favorite Casios, ever. Glad to see another new owner!


Discovering the perfect spot to snugly fit on your wrist! I can see its popularity in the watch community and worn in MI by Tom Cruise. Although finding it to be fill in my collection, I don't think I will ever wear it that often as it's not for me. I'll take note your words and appreciation for it. Enjoy!

The face only a mother could love (but not this Mother-F). 馃槀 Enjoy it, anyway!

I like it. It's kinda badass 馃挭