Citizen CA0700-86L Review

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I should probably preface this review by saying that I'm a bit of a titanium fanboy and have been wanting a titanium watch for some time, and so was probably predisposed to like any titanium watch that wasn't terrible. However, I think that this watch is amazing. The picture I chose as the cover, unfortunately doesn't do it justice I think this one is actually better.


Unfortunately I coudn't get it to fit properly in the main picture box. This watch looks fantastic right out of the box and I'm looking forward to seeing how it patinas. The titatnium makes this, as well as one of my lightest watches also one of my most comfortable.I've actually never had a bracelet that I thought was really comfortable but this titanium one does it. The Titanium also won't degrade, but Citizen do point out that the pins are steel and so aren't as hardwearing as the rest of the bracelet.

However, if I do have one issue with this watch it is the bracelet. As with every internet purchase I make, I resized the bracelet myself and have to say it was really difficult to do and I actually broke some of my tools in doing it. Also you are stuck with this strap because of how it is all constructed, but with a package that looks this good and is this comfortable I don't really care.

I love this watch I think it is excellent and well worth the very reasonable price, and with the eco-drive battery changes are not an issue.

Citizen CA0700-86L Review

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  • Incredibly light and comfortable to wear
  • Very attactive dial
  • Very reasonably priced
  • As a whole package it looks great
  • Hard to resize the bracelet
  • Can't change out the bracelet easily