Whats the top brand in your core collection?

Just counting up watches in your collection, which brand figures most strongly?

What about dollar value?

Ties are OK, Ill make a poll with the top answers.

I've got no repeats so far.

In terms of dollar value it's IWC Mark XX, then Tudor Pelagos, GS spring drive, Tag Aquaracer quartz, Laco Augsburg, Orient Kano, Moonswatch and Parnis Kermit.

Seiko/Grand Seiko if they are together.

Seiko by far. Jack Mason gets an honorable mention, along with Timex.

In terms of pure numbers. Seiko, edging out Casio. In terms of dollar value, Grand Seiko.

Rolex in terms of quantity with 5 members and dollar value (quite a bit more than the rest combined). Omega and Ebel are second with 3 members. But going forward I will probably not buy more Rolex. Most importantly though, I like them all equally for the most part.

4 Omegas 鈥. So far 馃槄

Aqua Terra 41

Seamaster 300

Planet Ocean 43.5mm

Speedmaster Hesalite

Lots of vintage Omega for me - Constellations and a peppering of Seamasters.

Glycine for me. Great bang for buck ratio. Beautiful build. Great horology and history.

2 Seikos

SOTC Top Brands:

By numbers and value, Rolex and Tudor.

Simply by quantity: Hamilton, Citizen, Seiko

Three Tag Heuer but the value of my one Grand Seiko surpasses their collective value easily.

Omega, over 20.

Half a dozen Bulova Accutrons.


Omega, by quantity and value

My two Tags cost the most, and Phoibos is the most common in my collection; I have three of them.

Oh that鈥檚 a tough one! For value in my collection, Rolex. If you buy at retail, your money is safe. For the rest, you have to buy right! Omega, Breitling, Panerai, Tudor, Bell & Ross, you have to buy right. You鈥檒l lose 40% and that鈥檚 conservative.


Looks like Tag holds the top spot for me鈥


For me it's Rolex, it's 3 out of my 9 watch collection and that's counting two g shocks.

61 in total

3 PPs

3 APs

4 Corums

4 swatches

5 Rolexes

5 Omegas

7 Casios

Grand Seiko followed by...Seiko 馃槄

My Blancpain isn鈥檛 my most expensive watch but is my top watch.


Nice collection

Helm, Lorier, Elliot Brown are in a three-way tier at the moment.

Nice collection.

Great collection!

2 Seikos, SKX009 and Sarb035.

Dollar and number for me would be Omega. Wasn鈥檛 supposed to be that way but glad it did

Number, quality & value, it's OMEGA