Would you wear a Vostok since Feb 24th 2022?

Above is my Vostok Komandirskie GMT originally purchased in 2019. In many aspects it is an exceptional watch for the price and for 2 years at least it was my goto beater. However, despite my appreciation of it from a tool watch perspective, this is the first time I have worn it since Feb 24th 2022 for obvious reasons. My (perhaps somewhat controversial) question to my fellow Crunchers is: "Would you wear a Vostok since Feb 24th 2022?"

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I don't hold it against the Ukrainian sellers that their leader is insane.


I understand why you’ve asked this question (to yourself) and why you've posed it to others. Despite the obvious circumstances, it appears as though he watch has some merit to you. I chose ‘B’ in your Poll; however, each choice has meaning in its own way. Hopefully this situation can garner a suitable solution, sooner than later. Be well

An excellent comment and despite the outcome of the poll, this is actually the conclusion I settled on too. I don't think any one of the approaches was right or wrong but it was interesting getting the opinions of my fellow Crunchers 🤗