Favourite watch brand Tournament - quarters finals

Write in the comments your predictions!

Here we are again with the last eight brands! This time we have seen a lot of thight challenges, like breitling vs Blanc Pain that saw the second winning by only 1 point.

Now lets have a look to the current challenges:

We can see Rolex vs Blanc Pain the first brands to commercialize dive watches.

Grand Seiko vs Cartier the master of finishing against the king s jeweler.

Tudor vs JLC the affordable Rolex versus the watchmaker watchmakers (or the affordable holy trinity).

Longimes vs Omega the old dress watches luxury brand of the '60s now part of the same Swatch Group.

All these challenges seems quite interesting at my eyes, lets see who is gonna win!

Comment down below your predictions!

My preference



Grand Seiko


But almost certainly Rolex will win with Tudor second coz they're constantly rammed down our throats by YouTube 馃ぃ馃ぃ


Grand Seiko