What do you think of the brand Fossil?

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I do not think about them.

Quite like some of the Zodiac's but that's about it for me.

I'm not too familiar with them but I'm suspicious of their quality.

They make some decent watches and , as the owners of Zodiac and STP automatic movements, have made great strides in the industry. I own 2.

This bullhead chrono from about 8 years ago


And this Swiss Made automatic FSW1004 with a Fossil owned STP 1-11 movement, from around the same time.


Fossil is primarily a fashion brand, but well know in the watch industry.

Fossil watches were my first watches and played an important role in my watch collecting journey

My first girlfriend got me one when we were both in high school. Loved it then but I'm at a different stage in life so I've moved on from the girl AND the watch.

There is a place for them in the market. Just not for us enthusiasts.

The dude that started Fossil went on to greener pastures at Shinola.

Back in the 90's, or possibly just when I was younger and/or more na茂ve, Fossil was pretty sweet. I don't have anything against them now except them just not being my style. I think they are meant to be youth-oriented and people generally just become too unhip for them.

I don't like them but I have one that my wife gave me with great affection. I hardly use it but I keep it with all the love I have for her.

Utterly indifferent. I wouldn鈥檛 buy one. But if the brand appeals to someone with a smart watch to investigate the watch world perhaps that鈥檚 a positive.