How particular are you with your bezels?

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I usually have it at 12, but I often time something and forget to reset the bezel for hours. But when I notice, I usually set it back to 12.

always at twelve o'clock well aligned unless I am using it to measure time

I've been keeping it at 6 so I can do a crude approximation of Byzantine time.

Missing the option: Always at 12, unless I'm using the feature

Wherever I left it, or specifically at a random spin. Just like with a tie bar, always need one thing "slightly" askew...馃槑馃馃徎

Unless my watch has a slide rule bezel, I have always used them to track a second time zone, enough to have even figured out a way to use a dive bezel for that purpose.

Like most people, I leave it at 12 unless I鈥檓 using the function and reset it at 12 when I鈥檓 done for dive watches. However, I leave the 12 hour bezel at whatever time zone I鈥檓 tracking on my other watch.

Always at 12: I'm OCD that way

Dive bezel: generally at 12. GMT bezel: generally at 7, cuz I'm GMT-7 right now.

I need it to be at twelve so badly that I superglue all of my rotating bezels in place. It's clearly a nuisance, so I decided to help an AD out by doing the same, but the buff security guard just beat me up.

I don't have any rotating bezels...