Phoibos Voyager Black - Color Issues in Product Shot?

So I've been considering picking up the Phoibos Voyager in blue when I saw this black/gilt version and thought "wow, it's a shame they made the arabics on the bezel insert in a horrific shade of green". Later, watching some video reviews I noticed the numerals look perfectly white.

The lume on the hands and indices looks the same shade of green in the Phoibos product shot but they look way more normal in the videos I've seen. Have any of you had hands-on with this watch? What do the arabics on the bezel and indices/hands actually look like?

I won't get a chance to see it in person before buying, and this weird doubt's the only thing holding me back.

Thanks in advance!

First image is from the WatchChris YouTube channel, the second from the Phoibos Watch product page.


The colors on computer renderings are often not right.


I like mine.


It's not a photo it's a computer render. I think they just did that to show that it has lume. 


Most people never use bazel in real life. I think this is a good idea. Arabic numbers are a spot on for using this watch as the office desk classy diver.


I have the yellow and blue and the bezel numbers are white on both.