What are the best watches for Military service in your opinion?

How do you imagine the perfect watch for you to take in a war?

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Let's get ready to war.


I would take this Rangeman 馃枻馃枻馃寶


Casio F-91W.

Gshock 5610.

Solar powered and syncs with atomic clock.

Bertucci A-2S. Navy corpsman so I鈥檇 need analog!


Marathon SSNav.


Simple, comfortable, and reliable.

This day and age a G-shock or Ironman.


If I closed my eyes and picked one, I probably would not be disappointed. If I had to pick one specifically, probably the mudmaster or SSNAV on a NATO. That nav has been on track to run about one second off this year.


The Rangeman is a good one. It has a super handy memory feature where you can log timestamps that's useful for tests, drills, etc.

my other choices would be Nixon Regulus, Garmin Fenix, and Citizen Promaster Diver.

G-Shock Gulfmaster G-1000