Vintage Seiko 7548 Diver # 1 Restoration Update

Purchased two JDM 7548’s as parts not working.

Diver # 1 had a pulse but not running found fibres stuck in gear train and old oils and greases gummed up.

After full strip down clean and inspection and movement reassembly its back to life will let it run overnight and check all functions working correctly before recasting with new gaskets.

When cleaning parts on these vintage Seiko’s do not clean the minute track ring as this will remove the white markers. Also be very careful around the coil as a slip with a screwdriver will cut through the coil wire many Seiko quartz watches as suffered this fate only let someone who knows what they are doing change a battery on one of these.

Full assembly to follow.


I agree on the battery change. You need to proceed with the same care as if you were working on a mechanical movement. I lost one watch during a battery change, where a bridge was under tension that I didn't expect to be, and I never found two parts again.


Wow, super impressive, best of luck with restoration. Thanks for sharing.