I like strap hardware to match watch case

My Sinn U50 S BS is on an affordable MN-style elastic strap in dark blue with white center stripe. I'm pretty fixed in my way regarding matching strap hardware color to the watch case color. If the watch case is stainless steel, the hardware should be stainless steel. In this case, since the case is black coated, the strap hardware is also black coated. Keeps a cohesive look and I also like when it all matches it can pass for an OEM look.

Looks like a great combo.


Looks like a great combo.


Same! Couldn鈥檛 agree more, I thought it was OEM, looks awesome! Congratulations!

that,is a stunning watch

Perfect match! 馃憦

Great looking watch ,strap really works

This combo is why they creates the fire button we can press on comments. The blue on strap matches up so well with the blue dial and black and blue always look great together!

Nice shots of a nice combo. 馃憤馃嵒 Here's mine...


Looks awesome,

I really need to experiment with straps, I love the look of nato straps but I hate wearing them

Just got a MN strap this weekend and been enjoying the wearing experience.


Ammm what? What is this model reference? Is this limited? Never seen such U50 before, beautifull. Case material?