Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze Blue Gilt Dial

Definitely not new to the market. But, new to my own watch collection, the Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze Blue Gilt Dial joins my modestly eclectic watch family.

These days there are no shortage of great bronze watches in the watch market, I think the larger majority from microbrands. Took some contemplating on which one to reintroduce myself to. But, the Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze with the Blue Gilt Dial always was on my mind since it came out I think a little over a year by now. The scale and proportions are what I was seeing. And, the lovely blue dial compliments the golden tone of the bronze, especially once it'l starts to patina more. And, I always knew it had to be a bronze dive watch style with a bronze bezel. For me, the best bronze watch style has to be a dive style. It just makes the most sense to me.

I took a relatively long break from bronze watches. I did a few in my early revived watch collecting journey. Had them, had fun, did it, and moved on. But, I have to admit that using bronze and the look and feel it can bring to a watch was always an appealing way to record the life and usage between watch and its owner. Of course, the same can be said with just about any other watch material. But, bronze has that unique to it's owner patina signature that adds a tonal richness and texture that looks so cool once it's reached a particular maturity to its rustic journey.

This is barely a day old and pretty shiny, still. So, the metallic canvas is still relatively clean and unmarked. I look forward to seeing new strokes added each day. I have noticed the bottom case edge already start to darken.

always a fan of baltic aesthetic! great watch 馃憤


always a fan of baltic aesthetic! great watch 馃憤

Definitely agree. Thanks!