Any particular watch you're wearing for Father's Day?

First, Happy Father's Day for all those out there. Have this day and an extended weekend, so, I figure it would be a choice decision to have my Whatawatches x Stowa Limited Edition Marine Midnight Seoul Edition back on wrist for the occasion.
My aftermarket strap options are a bit limited in 18mm. But, I do have quite a bit more in 19mm. I wouldn't try to fit a larger strap size greater than 1mm. Since I no longer have an watches with 19mm lug width, I browsed through my 19mm stash to see which I could adapt for use on this watch.
This is one of them. A distressed leather strap from Cheapestnatostraps. For reference, it is part of their Classic leather straps and the color is Khaki. Seems to work and look pretty good to me.

What are you wearing for Father's Day today?