Sbgy003 review - Kagayaku

After spending a week straight with this watch, I would like to take a moment and discuss my appreciation of it. To take a moment and spoil the ending, I hold in high regard. But that's not the reason why we do these, why you, dear reader, clicked here. The reason is the why.

As cheesy as we all claim this watch company to be, we do appreciate the fact that it has a relationship with nature. The same relationship with nature is found in the way that this case is designed. In the hand, the case feels like a stone that has been washed by water for many years. It's smooth round and perfectly fitting in the palm, on the wrist it's graceful and nestles well between the two bones of the forearm. However, the polishing and design remind you of intentional craftsmanship, of ethereal action that makes steel mirror precious metal.

In classical shape, the dial is another thing that enthusiasts like about this brand. Here, there's no exception. With such a pattern (that runs deep near the minute markers and more shallow towards the center), any mistake in proportion, in depth, and execution would be grinding to the naked eye. But even under close scrutiny, the dial is perfect in pattern all the way around. The crystal lens a play in light, with the double domed sapphire assisting with the pattern central point disappearing at certain angles and lighting.

And in this, this duality, we find that the watch is so exciting and sophisticated at the same time. The watch is classical in design and in execution, but insanely complicated in product. There's a further duality with a classical dress watch, one made with classic proportions of size, and knowing underneath you have the modernity of a spring beat. This is the same spring beat that powers the classically blued hand that sweeps across the dial.

This watch is stunning, even more so for the price, both the technology and the intention of thought, design, it is a shame that only 700 were made for the 20th anniversary.

Sbgy003 review - Kagayaku

Yes No
  • Case shape and finishing is extraordinary
  • Spring drive movement with power reserve on the back
  • Elegant case with short luck to lug that can fit a smaller 6.2 inch wrist such as my own
  • Finishing is so clean that scratches are always in the mind
  • This combination in case is harder to find and prices have gone up
  • The watch is a dress watch in an age The people may not dress us up as often anymore