WWII Military Timor Original "Dirty Dozen"

I love military watches! It’s hard not to with the romance of a wristwatch bearing the scars of war and painted with the patina of a time long past. 

Featuring one from my collection is the vintage WWII military field watch by Timor. One of the dirty dozen series of 12 brand of issued watches. All these simple timekeepers have played a critical role in the successful execution of military operations that dramatically shaped the course of modern history. 

Times have changed forcing the mechanical watch into the confines of ‘luxury items’ as opposed to the functional tool it once used to be. Although some of these brands are digging back into their past offering vintage homages to their military heritage but suffice to say we will never get another collection of watches from different brands, quite as storied and emotional as these 12, these Dirty Dozen. 

You don't buy this watch just to tell time, you buy it for the history.


That's an outstanding watch.