New grail unlocked

Ok first of all - I realise this is a “you and everyone else in the world” thing. As this is hardly an undiscovered gem - but - whatever!

I went to the London AP boutique today. Phenomenal service as you’d expect. I had in mind to try the 34mm ref as I have small wrists and previously have felt 36mm Rolex Oysterquartz and Tissot PRX to wear a bit big on me.

Anyway - the 34mm was nice and wore super well. However the AD also convinced me to try a 37mm - and man - that fit like a glove.

I always thought a steel aquanaut was my grail (after a similar experience in Patek some time ago.) - But now I think the AP is my favourite.

An advantage is I was actually able to get on the list for this (even if I never hear back!) - Unlike the Aquanaut where I had to sign up for another watch first..


It’s funny how things you never considered suddenly make sense once you get them on your wrist. For me, that was the JLC Polaris. At it’s release I was “meh”. Once I got it on my wrist, I love it.


Very wise indeed! Just shows you don’t know until you try..


Hard to say - they are so polite and engaged you can’t tell if they are vetting you or just being nice. But we talked about my job, travel, my favourite watches from my collection etc. she appreciated the Patek Ellipse I was wearing.. everyone liked my dog.

Even if I do get one - surely it will be slow - as ultimately I’ve gone for basic steel model. However much they’d like to sell me one, they must have quite the queue.


Ah well it wasn’t done like an interrogation and it’s perfectly possible she was just chatting - or just getting a feel for me as a person. Overall I had a great time there - tried some awesome watches, a nice coffee, chocolate, water for the dog etc


Looks like we're keeping the watch boutiques of New Bond Street busy!

Trying pieces on is essential. No matter what size you think will suit, you really can't tell until it's on the wrist. The 37mm is a beauty.

I hope it's not an overly drawn out experience for you.