Sinn U50 vs Tudor Black Bay 58

I am looking into getting a Diver but cannot decide between the Sinn U50 or a Tudor Black Bay 58 ... They are very different watches so maybe I just need to get both haha 馃槣聽

Any thoughts???

Note: I don't actually plan on diving with the watch.

Not sure if this will help, but I have a BB58 and I really want a U50 as well. 聽Haha

In years to come the Tudor will retain more value but probably cost a little more to service.

As far as I am concerned, the Sinn has more of a original vibe, the Tudor just looks like a subby homage.

I could find room for both in my collectio, because as you pointed out, they are very different from each other. Tell me I can only have one, I take the BB.

I like the Black Bay 58 quite a bit, but to me, the U50 is a special watch. There isn't a thing about it I'd change. It's one of those rare moments where everything comes together just perfectly. Additionally, it's uniquely Sinn and encapsulates their funky design language so well. The Tudor is far more classic and probably applicable to a greater section of your wardrobe, so I'd consider that as well. Can't go wrong with either, really.

That's tough - each of those watches are great, I own the BB58, however, they seem to fill totally different roles. The Sinn is, unmistakeably, a tool watch. I don't know that I would wear it to the office or out to a nice dinner - which doesn't make it a worse choice, the Sinn is a beast and has amazing design language.

The BB58 on the other hand is really versatile, it's a strap monster and I personally get a lot of mileage out of it. Take it brunch, to the office, to the park, it'll do its job really well.

Are you at a desk more than you're in the wild? That's the question I would ask myself before pulling the trigger on either of them.

I'd buy the Sinn, I prefer the dedicated tool watch style.聽

I also think the U50 is more interesting, everybody and their dog has/had a BB58.聽

I have a bb58 and lack of microadjustment is a travesty.聽

Haven't been able to get the right size for me since I got it...even tried half links聽

Easy , Sinn. All day long.聽

BB58. But I'd pick rabies over a Sinn so I'm not a fair judge.

I own a BB58 but Sinn is on the bucket list. 聽if you have to pick one go with tudor

I'd buy the Sinn only used. And i'd rather pick the BB anyway.

I had the same conundrum and ended up getting a Seiko SPB143 馃槄


I had the same conundrum and ended up getting a Seiko SPB143 馃槄


My kind of shopping experience 聽


I'd pick the Tudor (just because I'm not a huge fan of that particular Sinn). They would both serve very well, so you can't go too wrong here.