Mistakes were made... Strap Recs

I put one of my watches on a cheap leather strap from Amazon...and it's so poorly made, the stitches are tearing the crap out of my wrist.  You get what you pay for....

  • Any recommendations on very comfortable 19mm straps?  I've been looking at the strap tailor, but would love for some other recs before I pull the trigger.  
  • Also- anyone have experience with the strapcode bracelets?   I'm thinking of going for a polished mesh as well.

Big thanks in advance!!!


I have a few 19mm straps:


I like Molequin and Veblenist for nice leather and Saffiano straps. Bulang & Sons has decent leather options and GLC straps also has some cool leather and ripstop options. 

I agree with the above C&B for nato.