Need help identifying this vintage Raketa watch

Hello got this vintage mechanical Raketa watch from my grandfather. I want to know more about it; when was it made, is it worth anything, and is it respectable in the watch community 馃槂

I am biased, but I think that Raketa is perfectly respectable in the watch community, not that my opinion or the watch community's opinion matters. Raketa made dependable, rugged, watches that were accurate enough for everyday use. They took risks with styling.

This is a 1970's Model 611291. It was manufactured in the Petrodvorets Watch Factory. The English "Made in USSR" designation tells me that it was for export. It will have a 2609 movement with 16 jewels. They would later have 19 jewels.

There are a few Raketa models that bring a premium resale price on the vintage market. This is not one of them. There are many Raketa out there, so they are not scarce. It will have more value to you as a family piece than you can recoup from the market. I have bought similar watches for less than the price of a fast food meal.