This vintage Alpha looks happy on this canvas strap I think. Hit or miss?

Hit. The dial looks like it's lined with wallpaper. Very cool! Great vintage piece.

Too bad the canvas isn鈥檛 straight with the stitching. There鈥檚 a pattern intended here.

It has its place. I think I'd prefer a little more contrast

Love that strap!

First off, This watch is amazing! the red tipped second just knocks it out of the park. I like the canvas but as @UnholiestJedi mentioned it needs a little contrast. This kind of reminds me of my 1965 Bulova Regatta. I've been hunting for the perfect strap for a while.


With that red tipped second hand you could also do a red & blue nato that would look really good.馃嵒

Beautiful dial 馃檪