Trip to Biel, Switzerland

So fortunate to bring home a wonderful reminder of my trip to Biel, Switzerland.


Very nice! Congratulations!

That's quite a souvenir congrats

I was in Zurich for a short stay during January and avoided all temptations along Bahnhofstrasse only to purchase a PRX at the airport just before boarding 馃槀 Love that dial on your Omega.

Love the color

The Speedmaster (and the Moon thing) isn鈥檛 doing anything for me but I recognize the iconic status of the watch.

This white dial might be the best Speedmaster variant ever and is definitely an instant classic.

Sincere congratulations on the new watch!!

Absolutely beautiful. Perhaps the best speedy ever. Congrats indeed!

The best souvenir from Switzerland is definitely that amazing white chocolate bar 馃槀. Congrats on the beautiful watch 馃! Enjoy it! 馃檶馃ぉ

Stunning. It鈥檚 amazing how much different the watch looks with the white dial. Congrats!

I mean it's all white. Love the white 馃 really. It isn't like all of what is what everyone has . Nice, cool, and clean. The white makes me think of the snowy Swiss Alps. Beautiful choice. If you decide you hate it I can provide a proper home for it. 馃嵒


What a pick up

Enjoy in good health

I hope to join you in ownership sometime soon