Would you buy a Brand without the Branding?!

It looks like an homage, it feels like an homage, and it even seems like an homage. Would you drop your hard-earned penny on an original that is mistaken for an homage?

Luminor case, 44 mm., DLC-coated titanium, matte anthracite finish, bridge lever device, 300m water resistance, sterile California dial, simple 2-hander time display, thermally blued hour and minute hands, no second hand, no date, in-house movement, double-barrel eight days power reserve, brown 2-piece Bund strap, black rubber strap.

IMHO, it is the best original Homage for the money. I would do it again, but would you do it in the first place? Please elaborate cons and pros 馃槉


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To be honest no brand is better than a bad brand/logo. If the specs and design are there, I have no issue buying it. Very cool watch.

Yeah, I'd pay extra to omit branding. I just glanced over every watch I own, and they are all very discreet with the branding, the Seiko 5 probably being the least so. I think there were/are some military watches that come with unbranded dials.聽

The strange thing is that it usually doesn't immediately strike you that there is no branding. It just looks clean and elegant. 聽Branding just is not missed. It's not put there for me.

Branding on items always, ALWAYS, seems like an afterthought to me.聽

Hood ornament/badge on a car? Cleaner design without.聽

Buildings? Branding is just tacked on.聽

Watch dial? Interrupts the dial and even hinders the design in some ways.聽

In some (admittedly rare) cases, an unbranded watch might even save your life.

I wish we could get rid of so much branding. I went to a sports match & bought merch from said match. It had their sponsor's branding on it. If I buy it, the sponsor's name should not be on it.聽

If you don't recognize that watch in one glance your not a watch enthusiast. 聽 No branding necessary.

For certain brands, where the visual identity is so iconic, 100%. 聽Panerai, Patek, certain Omegas, certain Cartiers. 聽Others are just harder. 聽Im thinking non reverso JLCs, Longines, Grand Seiko, or Piaget. 聽The branding centers the watch

The only exception to that rule would be Rolex, because they've been copied so many times already.

I think this one looking like an homage but actually being the real thing makes it extra awesome. even more so because Panerai makes very recognisable watches, so you don't really need it and this watch shows it very clearly.

Not a Panerai fan, but I have to say this is the coolest Panerai I've seen.

Kudos - love that they put a California dial on it.

I see a place for "sterile" dials, but I think realistically most people wouldn't buy them.聽

There is a good reason everything from shoes to sunglasses has branding on it... people like others to know exactly what they are wearing, and how expensive it is.聽

I think it depends on why you're buying the watch. If you're buying it for yourself, then there's no need for branding (unless you like the look of the logo because some are pretty interesting). If you're buying a watch to show others, then you'll probably always go for a branded watch. I think the more important question for this is why are you buying that watch?


Look at this branding free beauty

A resounding - Yes!
But of course, yes, especially in this case.

No one really, truly, cares what you鈥檙e wearing. That鈥檚 undeniable.

But mostly, because I think it takes a pair to release a watch with such a confidence in your own distinct identity as a brand, that it doesn鈥檛 need a logo or branding.

If it was a genuine watch and not an homage + I actually liked the design? Yes 馃槉

But think they would have to do something creative with it to not end up with such an empty dial.

This Panny is cool, but maybe the dial is a empty for my taste.

Of course, nothing is more exclusive than when you "have to know". (And there is nothing to disturb the symmetry.)

No doubt the sterile dial can be very attractive, yes I would buy it.

Agree with most of the positive opinions here saying I鈥檇 take this all day. Some icons don鈥檛 need branding and I wear a watch for me anyway, don鈥檛 really care if someone on the train or in a meeting knows. Looks baller.聽

I was going to ask you if that was a Panerai. I love the crisp clean look of it. I would buy it without the badging. I have a couple of watches that have no badging on them. They have no markings period.I I have posted them here wearing them. They have jeweled Swiss movements in them. They are well made and I like how they look. That's all that matters to me. If you like how it looks wear it. Who cares what others think. Badging isn't important as long as the watch is doing what you want it to do.聽