NWA , my first online watch purchase

I wanted to share this picture with my fellow crunchers as soon as this arrived in the mail, I worked from home today to wait for this 馃槃. I鈥檝e always feared ordering a watch online let alone without ever seeing one in the flesh but I thought I could take my chances with an entry level flieger from Laco, the Ausburg 39mm.

The anticipation was real although this took only 3 days from the moment I clicked till the time this traveled all the way from Germany to my door step in Dubai.

My first impressions are that I think this is a lot of watch for the money, the packaging was very nice, the dial is super clean and the watch sits very nicely on my 6.5 inch wrist.

I went for the standard movement without AR coating but legibility seems more than adequate and better than my Hamilton khaki . If I could change one thing it would be the 18mm lug width for at least 20 but I already got my eye on a flieger strap from rios with flares just below the lugs and I think it will really bring the whole look up to the next level. Overall super pleased with my first German watch 馃槉


Congrats! That exact version is on my list.

Noice. 馃嵒

very nice, i enjoying my laco aachen for 3 years now

Congrats , very nice 馃憣

Congrats and that鈥檚 a nice purchase 馃憦


very nice, i enjoying my laco aachen for 3 years now

Thank you ! I feel this will have a spot in my weekly rotation for sure


Congrats! That exact version is on my list.

Thank you , it looks much better than in the photos



Congrats , very nice 馃憣

Thank you !

I have this one and enjoy it. It fits the pilot watch category of my collection perfectly. Enjoy!